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Monthly Meeting II

Monthly meeting with all teams – for now, that’s the music team and the visual guys. We go over the tableaus we came up with scenographer and art director Bob one by one. Checking and discussing how we can make them happen. The general sentiment is that the tableaus are working in terms of poetry,… Read more »

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A Narrator

We think up ways of giving the audience context during the show. A libretto in book form is distracting. Subtitles on stage are a no go. But a good actor as a narrator could work. Coming in and out of the show, as a projected outside element, the narrator could tell what comes up next,… Read more »

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Dreaming up Images

We meet with Art Director Bob to talk about scenography. Drawing inspiration from Robertson’s Phantasmagoria, we want to enhance the emotional impact of the music to bring the audience into a certain mood. True to the Glows’ DNA, this mood is a dreamlike state, now infused with visual poetry. Bob Verhelst is attuned to the Glows’… Read more »

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Workshop I @ deSingel

First of a three day music workshop. We set up camp at the Theatre Studio in deSingel, the place where we have our première on May 18th. We take these three days as a musical laboratory. We’re operating in a small number to keep things lean. The Glows are present, so is Pieter Theuns of… Read more »

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On Poverty and Wealth

In ‘Tales of Moonlight and Rain’ Oka Sanai is regarded as a samurai with a peculiar fondness for money. One night he gets a visit from a tiny man, who introduces himself as the spirit of gold. The two exchange thoughts on their theory of wealth until dawn. Drawing musical inspiration from Eric Satie’s 1892… Read more »