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Scale Models II

Second meeting with Jean. It’s time to get into details about the scale models and their construction. We run through the show scene by scene and go over each effect we want to create and how we’re going to create it. We sent Jean a couple of pictures with ideas for the aesthetics of the… Read more »

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Scale Models

Meeting with Jean Block at Ercola, who is building the décor and stage props, particularly the projection table and the scale models. The table is crucial: it’s a theatre-within-a-theatre. The projected images will be made onstage. It needs the illusion of depth, but it also should be practical thing, allowing for easy changeovers. A concept… Read more »

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We’re looking for mini jellyfish. Nel goes to the pet store to get more information. They’re not that expensive, but the aquarium is. We’ll see if it all fits the budget. A lot of other stuff is taken care of: reaching out to radio stations for promotion, ordering material for the stage setup, drawing up… Read more »

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Projection Concepts

On the first real sunny day of the year, we get together with Lucas to decide on the nature of the projected images. Conceptually, we’ll make a movement from figurative to abstract. In the first half, we’re going to work with scale models, the second half will make use of analogue visual effects. This goes… Read more »

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Monthly Meeting IV

The snowball of the production is rolling, picking up speed and increasing in volume as it goes down the hill. More and more decisions need to become final. The premiere is gleaming on the horizon. We have a great meeting with the visual team. They’re revealing the 3D model they’ve been shaping up over the… Read more »