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Day Nine – Tryout

The stage is set up and it sure looks impressive. Under supervision of Lucas, the stagehands mount the two huge screens and rig the lights. It takes the largest part of the day to set everything up. We’ll be moving in tomorrow afternoon and have run-throughs with the visuals. Lucas is facing difficulties: he programmed… Read more »

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Day Eight

In the morning session we have a stop-and-go-through for Valgeir. He takes notes and shares his thoughts after lunch. First, we need to improve the listening situation. We have a new soundcheck and bring in a pair of stereo speakers at ear level. It seems that not everybody is hearing well. This, of course, affects… Read more »

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Day Five

We manage to play all the songs through in a first, shaky version. Yesterday we focused on the first half of the set, today we’re practicing the second half. By the day’s end, we string up all the songs and have a first run through of the show. It’s good to play everything in order… Read more »

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Fourth Day

A funeral starts the rehearsal later. Without a rhythm section, there’s not much playing. So we start in the afternoon and Jutta Troch joins us on Baroque harp. We go over the songs we did over the last couple of days. And we run ‘Kibitsu’ for the very first time. After the rehearsal the Glows… Read more »

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Scale Models III

We pass by Ercola with art director Bob to follow up on the scale models. We see the table in a rudimentary form, with the basis of much of the scale models in place. A lot of stuff needs to be refined to the exact measurements; things need to be ordered and bought. The little… Read more »