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A New Look at the Design

The first designs of the key visual by Timothy Helmer come in. Graphically bold and interesting from a design perspective, we feel his proposal goes too far for our purposes. After a couple of back and forth’s with Art Director Bob, we decide that he will take over the development of the visual style. It… Read more »

Benny Vanden Driessche

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Filming OMR

Live video is essential in the toolbox of promotion. A showreel with the full performance gets sent out to promoters worldwide, in the hope of securing more dates. Quite often, it’s the only way to shop a show around. Promoters cannot always attend performances, especially not internationally. Director Benny Vandendriessche, who collaborated with the Glows… Read more »

Timothy Helmer

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Briefing Graphic Designer

Graphic designer Timothy Helmer is asked to create a visual style for OMG, starting with a key visual. Once this visual establishes the style, it’s easy enough for a designer to make derivations in different kinds of media. Timothy has carte blanche, the only constraint we impose is the use of the Athos picture. The… Read more »