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Day Six

We have two new players on board: Steuart Pincombe plays the baroque cello and brings an amazing energy to the band. The fine mannered Italian traverso player Matteo Gemolo works perfect in tandem with Jon Birdsong, our cornetto and horn player. The first week was all about exploring the material. The second week is about… Read more »

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Fixing press. Promotion is important, we want to sell out the two dates and have known that The Golden Glows are back on track with a new production. We secure an interview in a large Belgian weekly and a rehearsal picture in another. Television is next to impossible for a non-mainstream show like ours. Radio… Read more »

Benny Vanden Driessche

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Filming OMR

We drive out to Ghent to meet film director Benny Vandendriessche and talk about a film for ‘On Moonlight and Rain’. Promotion wise, we need two things, two different instruments actually. To reach out to promoters worldwide and be able to get the show sold, we need a showreel, ideally a run through of the… Read more »


Journal, Music, Promo

Composing Session

Bram and Nel review compositions. The melody in the second part of ‘On Poverty and Wealth’ sounds a bit odd. We check ‘The Reed Choked House’ and we come up with a final structure for ‘The Carp of My Dreams’, the fifth piece of the show. Nel wrote a beautiful imaginative melody that evokes an… Read more »