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Projection Concepts

On the first real sunny day of the year, we get together with Lucas to decide on the nature of the projected images. Conceptually, we’ll make a movement from figurative to abstract. In the first half, we’re going to work with scale models, the second half will make use of analogue visual effects. This goes… Read more »

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Monthly Meeting IV

The snowball of the production is rolling, picking up speed and increasing in volume as it goes down the hill. More and more decisions need to become final. The premiere is gleaming on the horizon. We have a great meeting with the visual team. They’re revealing the 3D model they’ve been shaping up over the… Read more »

Journal, Projection, Stage Design

Meeting Pieter & Lucas

The projection techniques are raising the question once more for a central object that can shift shapes during the show. Light designer Lucas and architect Jeroen sat together and came up with a 3D laser cut object based on Origami. It could make up for an intriguing third screen on stage, one that even encapsulates… Read more »

Journal, Projection, Stage Design

The Light Man

  A quick lunch with light man Lucas to inform him where we’re at with the visual content of the show. We’re simply relaying the information we gathered from our meetings with art director Bob and see how feasible they are in terms of light and technicalities. There are objections with regard to fire regulations… Read more »

Journal, Projection, Stage Design

The Blue Hood Mood Board

Mood board for ‘The Blue Hood’, climax of the show. The vibe is modern and psychedelic, inspired by Benoit Debie’s dark vision of Tokyo in his beautiful cinematography for ‘Enter the Void’. Thematically, the track is related to the movie as well. We want to make the audience feel what being a ghost would be… Read more »