Performing A Folksongbook

Once again, we brought a Folksongbook on stage with our B.O.X friends, this time in our hometown Antwerp. We played the closing festival of ‘Born in Antwerp’, a city initiative promoting creativity and innovation in our hometown.

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Recording Day Four

Final day of the recording session. As we made substantial progress over the last couple of sessions and there’s still enough time left, we can revisit a couple of tunes we’re not entirely satisfied with. We head back to ‘The Demon Lover’ and have another go at a slower tempo, locking into a sexier groove… Read more »

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Recording Day Three

We continue the sessions for the ‘new’ Folksongbook. Jon is having a gig and comes in later, so we focus on a couple of songs without him first. ‘Nottamun Town’ is a forceful tune we’re recroding for the first time, so we start with that one. The transition to the quiet verse is hard to… Read more »

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Recording Day Two

The second recording day is reserved for Valgeir, who is a bit under the weather today. We agreed to sample the baroque instruments and voices, so Valgeir can integrate them later into his electronic tapestry or even turn them into full-fledged electronic instruments. Jutta Troch, B.O.X harpist, came over as well. She’s up first. Nicolas,… Read more »

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Recording Day One

We’re meeting early at studio Caporal, the small but well equipped home studio Nicolas Rombouts runs in Antwerp. As we set up our gear and soundcheck, Laurent Orseau is around to make band pictures. In the past we often forgot to document our process, which is a pity. Pictures make up a great souvenir of… Read more »