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Second Day

After warming up with almost seven minutes of ‘Rain’, we go through ‘White Peaks’ and have a go at ‘A Serpent’s Lust’. There’s the first run of ‘The Carp of My Dreams’ and ‘A Reed-Choked House’. And we end the day with ‘On Poverty and Wealth’.

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Here we go!

First rehearsal day at deSingel. The first two weeks, we’ll be working from the music studio. We start out as a smaller ensemble: the rhythm section Nicolas (bass) and Mattijs (drums), Nel on piano and vocals, Bram on vocals and guitar, Jon is there as arranger and cornetto player, Liam plays gamba and represents the… Read more »

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Last preparations

Final day before we actually get into the music studio with eight musicians. This is an ideal moment to take stock and prepare the last few things. We put the vocal harmonies we created and recorded yesterday together with the final demo’s, so everybody can get a clear idea of what is happening vocally. Even… Read more »

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Last Vocal Rehearsal

The structures and melodies might be well in place, that doesn’t mean we’re ready to sing. We figure those kind of things out in the vocal rehearsals with Glows only. Harmonizing melodies takes up some time, especially if we stick to the aesthetic rules we invented for ourselves over the years. “A Serpent’s Lust” and… Read more »

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It’s a wrap!

After an extensive writing period that started mid March 2017, fourteen months later, the music is finished. All the structures and melodies are in place. Two lyrics need more polishing and there are a few little this and that’s (a melody line here, a harmonization there) that need wrapping up. But all in all, this… Read more »