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Day Five

We manage to play all the songs through in a first, shaky version. Yesterday we focused on the first half of the set, today we’re practicing the second half. By the day’s end, we string up all the songs and have a first run through of the show. It’s good to play everything in order… Read more »

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Day Off II

Second off day. There’s a small production meeting over diner with Pieter and Bram only. Musically, things are going astray because of, basically, insufficient leadership. It installs a laissez-passer rehearsal culture. People show up late or leave early; there’s more discussion than actual playing and nobody watches out over the general vision. If rehearsals continue… Read more »

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Day of Rest

The musicians have the weekend off, but there’s plenty of action behind the scenes. Jon is refining the arrangements, based on the input collected from the players. We need definite scores with structures in place, else too much time is lost on figuring out where everybody exactly is on the page. The Glows are shaping… Read more »

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Fourth Day

A funeral starts the rehearsal later. Without a rhythm section, there’s not much playing. So we start in the afternoon and Jutta Troch joins us on Baroque harp. We go over the songs we did over the last couple of days. And we run ‘Kibitsu’ for the very first time. After the rehearsal the Glows… Read more »

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Day Three

Geert Hellings joins in on guitar and lapsteel today, providing beautiful textures to ‘Rain’, ‘The Chrysanthemum Vow ‘ and ‘White Peaks’. We groove away in ‘The Blue Hood’ and find out that ‘The Reed-Choked House’ could benefit from some electronic rhythm, since Mattijs is at the marimba all the time. Unfortunately, later that evening, we… Read more »