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Day Nine – Tryout

The stage is set up and it sure looks impressive. Under supervision of Lucas, the stagehands mount the two huge screens and rig the lights. It takes the largest part of the day to set everything up. We’ll be moving in tomorrow afternoon and have run-throughs with the visuals. Lucas is facing difficulties: he programmed… Read more »

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Day Eight

In the morning session we have a stop-and-go-through for Valgeir. He takes notes and shares his thoughts after lunch. First, we need to improve the listening situation. We have a new soundcheck and bring in a pair of stereo speakers at ear level. It seems that not everybody is hearing well. This, of course, affects… Read more »

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Day Seven

We had fruitful rehearsals over the last couple of days. The material is taking shape, as the musicians are getting more familiar with it. Before Valgeir arrives Saturday, we work on final B.O.X and Glows’ versions of all the songs, except for ‘White Peaks’ and ‘On Poverty and Wealth’. Those two songs are scheduled for… Read more »

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Day Off III

Last day off before we embark on the final leg towards the premiere. The lyrics are all coming to a conclusion. ‘The Blue Hood’ needed minor modifications. ‘Kibitsu’ finally has the chorus it deserves and little odds and ends are cleared up in the final version of ‘A Serpent’s Lust’. It’s time to study and… Read more »

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Day Six

We have two new players on board: Steuart Pincombe plays the baroque cello and brings an amazing energy to the band. The fine mannered Italian traverso player Matteo Gemolo works perfect in tandem with Jon Birdsong, our cornetto and horn player. The first week was all about exploring the material. The second week is about… Read more »