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Meeting with the Media Archaeologist

Meeting with Thomas Weynants. Discussing Phantasmagorie and early projection techniques. We get a huge amount of information on how a historical Phantasmagorie actually took place and about the life of Robertson. Thomas also explained how he found an original lantern and how it ended up in a museum in the Middle East. There’s a kinship between a lot of early forms of entertainment: projection, magic, fairs, early cinema…

Journal, Stage Design

Mood Board for the Stage

First mood board with regard to the stage design. While composing the moodboard, the idea pops up of creating a sort of blank environment, the viewer uses to project his or her own story. With regard to a song like ‘The Demon Lover’, for example, pictures of a storm at sea could be shown. The… Read more »



In 2013, Flanders DC ran the CICI project that bridged the gap between science and the arts. It would be an interesting idea to apply for this program and develop cutting edge projection techniques based on scientific practice (A few days later, we’re informed the CICI project is no longer running due to a lack… Read more »

Journal, Stage Design

The Right Light Man

Short meeting with Lucas Van Haesebroek, light man. We talk about our project, trying to figure out the technicalities and find out if Lucas would be on board. He is. In theatre lighting, projection on smoke seems to be very much around these days.