The Blue Hall

Message from DeSingel. We’re moving to the Blue Hall, which alters infrastructure. Financial picture alters slightly. There are openings towards Courtrai and Bozar. Date holds, we’re not moving in time.

Journal, Recording

Mixing Sun & Moon & Stars

Remix with Staf Verbeeck single ‘Sun & Moon & Stars’. We mixed the song in 2015, but we were never quite satisfied with the work. There was always something off with the sound (it missed punch, warmth and depth. The previous mix was a bit too clean).



Sauna-meeting. The project hasn’t picked up much speed over the last two months, due to other occupations by the band, concerts, etc. There’s a meeting in the sauna about the business side of things, but also about the artistic side and the concept.

Journal, Stage Design


Theatrecompany ‘Post uit Hessdalen’ presents Poolnacht (Polenight), with light design by Lucas. The show is an imaginary journey in the mind of a character in the Arctic region. The technique is interesting: a double projection screen, retroprojection and a 3D sculpture near the end of the play. The music and the meditative images are impressive.