This digital journal chronicles the creation process of the musical experience On Moonlight and Rain, from its inception in September 2015 to the premiere on May 18th 2017 at deSingel, Antwerp, Belgium.

Rather than recounting a hero story, with a long line of uninterrupted hooray messages and victories, we thought it would be much more interesting to show you what it’s really like to put a big music show together. It involves many dead ends, failures, frustrations and a tremendous amount of confidence that all will be well in the end. But also, when things work out and magic happens, great fun and joy for all, fortunately.

The journal serves a couple of purposes: it’s a blog for fans to keep track of how we’re whipping the new show into shape. It’s a promotional tool. And it also serves as a truthful account of a creative process in the music industry, spanning a year and a half in time.

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