Journal, Music, Stage Design

Day Eight

In the morning session we have a stop-and-go-through for Valgeir. He takes notes and shares his thoughts after lunch. First, we need to improve the listening situation. We have a new soundcheck and bring in a pair of stereo speakers at ear level. It seems that not everybody is hearing well. This, of course, affects the performance greatly. Musically, a lot of things are happening in the mid frequency spectrum, there’s ample room on top and in the bottom to let things happen. But, perhaps most importantly, we need to bring the group’s attitude to a new level in approaching the material. So far, we played to get the all our parts right, it’s time to focus on the music and make the show come alive. With this wise advise in mind, we go for a second continuous run, while we pick out spots for Valgeir’s soundscapes as we go along.

Today the stage props get transported to the venue: the projection table with scale models and all the other props. It’s time for the visual team to step in, so we can start focusing on the combination of sound and vision. The jellyfish will arrive after the weekend, they’re the last piece of a complex logistic puzzle.