Journal, Projection

An Unexpected Day Off

On this unanticipated off day we visit the visual team and their scale models for a round up. The scale models of the mountain for ‘White Peaks’ and ‘The Reed Choked’ little house we made, are nearly done. There’s a startling realistic scale model of the moon and a beautiful Japanese inspired landscape laid out on the table. The kaleidoscope is functioning, but not entirely in place yet. And the team is still figuring out how to approach the moiré effects for ‘A Serpent’s Lust’, the interior mirror scenes for Kibitsu and the actual set up for ‘The Blue Hood’. But all in all, we’re getting there, as the first video feeds tell us. The rest of the day is kept up with studying lyrics and harmonies. A little less than a week before showtime. Valgeir has arrived in Antwerp tonight after playing the Nuits de Botanique festival. We meet tomorrow for our first joint session.