Journal, Music

Day Seven

We had fruitful rehearsals over the last couple of days. The material is taking shape, as the musicians are getting more familiar with it. Before Valgeir arrives Saturday, we work on final B.O.X and Glows’ versions of all the songs, except for ‘White Peaks’ and ‘On Poverty and Wealth’. Those two songs are scheduled for tomorrow. Most ideas are locking in tighter every time we play them. We also focus on the transitions between songs. At this point, we have keep Valgeir’s soundscapes in mind and consider carefully where to include them. We work out details in songs, like the long 7/4 finale of ‘A Serpent’s Lust’, that’s still long off the blazing whirlwind of sound it needs to be. ‘The Reed Choked House’ is finding its groove, beautifully blossoming in the poppy choruses. And we have a couple of takes where the rhythm sections for ‘The Carp of My Dreams’, the plucking instruments and the piano, are weaving wavy patterns that take over one another. The session ends on a minor key when the rehearsal tomorrow gets cancelled at last notice.