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Fourth Day

A funeral starts the rehearsal later. Without a rhythm section, there’s not much playing. So we start in the afternoon and Jutta Troch joins us on Baroque harp. We go over the songs we did over the last couple of days. And we run ‘Kibitsu’ for the very first time. After the rehearsal the Glows are interviewed by a Belgian weekly.

We run off to the next production meeting with the visual team. Twelve days before show time, we need to resolve a lot of planning issues. The visual team needs the theatre studio, the actual venue where the show takes place, to proceed with light experiments and so on. At the same time, the musicians need the venue run through the show. Order list are discussed, budget issues come up, planning, tests, construction times, scale models, misunderstandings, wrong decisions, ill communication… We talk about nearly anything that’s been bothering people. The ship is almost at full throttle, if there are things on your mind, now’s the time to bring them up.