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Monthly Meeting IV

The snowball of the production is rolling, picking up speed and increasing in volume as it goes down the hill. More and more decisions need to become final. The premiere is gleaming on the horizon.

We have a great meeting with the visual team. They’re revealing the 3D model they’ve been shaping up over the last couple of weeks. And it looks splendid. We can’t give much away, but we’ll be working with two main screens and analogue projection techniques. That could be considered to be a statement in this highly digital era. Now that we know the ramifications of the hardware, all materials and components can be timely ordered.

Next we discuss what will be shown on the screen, with Lucas carefully laying out all the options for every song. Again, we can’t give too much away at this point, but the discussion centers around the same subject: the level of abstraction we’re going to have in the projected images. On a scale from ‘very realistic’ to ‘super abstract’, where will the image be? Interesting discussion and food for much more thought.

At the end of the meeting we have a Skype conversation with Valgeir in Iceland. We discuss our working procedure. Also on the musical end, things are shaping up. We look very much forward to the rehearsals that start in four weeks.