Journal, Promo

Filming OMR

We drive out to Ghent to meet film director Benny Vandendriessche and talk about a film for ‘On Moonlight and Rain’. Promotion wise, we need two things, two different instruments actually. To reach out to promoters worldwide and be able to get the show sold, we need a showreel, ideally a run through of the show. This is a reel for internal use, it doesn’t need to be edited like a Scorsese movie, the promoters need to experience the show as ‘dry’ as possible. We’ll get a crew together to film the two dates. On the other hand, we also want to reach out to our future audience with a film. That’s what we discuss with Benny, because we’re confident he will come up with something that adds another layer of meaning to our thing. The track we select is ‘The Blue Hood’, the brooding psychedelic climax of ‘On Moonlight and Rain’.