Journal, Music

Vocal Sessions I

The Golden Glows come together for their first vocal session. It’s been a while since we worked on new material, but more than a decade shared experience in our journey makes up for steady routines. Working out vocal goes quite fast usually and this time is no exception. We come up with the girl’s backing vocals for ‘White Peaks’, with a brilliant vocalization of ‘Shiramine’, the original title of the Akinari story. Our song is the journey of a monk, turning into a demon.


  1. We move on the ‘The Chrysanthemum Vow’, where our voices blend in to an omnipresent choir, setting the scene of a seascape at nighttime and a woman lamenting her friend. The second part of the song is a beautifully touching choir piece with shining vocal harmony. It’s tricky, but magical if we pull it off right.