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Workshop III

RainLast day of workshops. We focus exclusively on the intro track ‘Rain’. We traded the Theatre Studio in deSingel for the cosy home studio of Jutta Troch, B.O.X harpist. The idea for ‘Rain’ is to create an antechamber before the actual show. It’s song zero. The rain effect is created with plucking instruments, guitar, teorbo and harp – each forming raindrops at their own tempo. We experiment with layering 4/4, 5/4 and 6/4 patterns, allowing for a sense of randomness that interlocks at certain points in time. When everybody is able to keep the count, the result is enchanting.

After the final workshop, we grab a coffee and go over the rehearsal scheme once more. Working with a compact group of players in the early stages and gradually building it up to the final rehearsal week, means we have to reshuffle a few instruments strategically. It also means, fortunately, that there’s more headroom budget wise, since we’ll have players joining in later. From a production perspective, that’s great news. Our problems financing the visual part could be solved. For now.