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Workshop II @ deSingel

Second of our three day workshop. Still at the Theatre Studio in deSingel, percussionist Mattijs Vanderleen is joined today by Nicolas Rombouts on double bass. With this solid rhythm section, we go through a couple of songs: ‘The Carp of My Dreams’, ‘White Peaks’, ‘The Serpent’s Lust’, ‘The Chrysanthemum Vow’ and most notably ‘The Blue Hood’, a heavy groove that serves as the show’s finale.

The sessions tell us how fast we can develop material. They clear up the actual rehearsal period in May, leading up to the première. Rather than working with a full orchestra from day one, we agree that it’s more efficient to start developing material from a smaller group. Over the course of three weeks, new instruments and players will be added. In the final week we’ll work with the full orchestra of 12 players.

The First Carp of My Dreams