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Workshop I @ deSingel

First of a three day music workshop. We set up camp at the Theatre Studio in deSingel, the place where we have our première on May 18th. We take these three days as a musical laboratory. We’re operating in a small number to keep things lean. The Glows are present, so is Pieter Theuns of course and we bring in Mattijs Vanderleen on drums and percussion.

We go through a couple of songs: ‘White Peaks’, ‘The Chrysanthemum Vow’ and ‘On Poverty and Wealth’. We look into Japanese percussion instruments and styles for The Reed choked House. A marimba has just enough Asian influence and melodic opportunities, so Mattijs will develop a series of minimalistic patterns that later can be molded into a structure. Sound engineer Dominik Boiy records the full session.

Japanese vibes