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Recording Day Two

the_golden_glows_8_1500The second recording day is reserved for Valgeir, who is a bit under the weather today. We agreed to sample the baroque instruments and voices, so Valgeir can integrate them later into his electronic tapestry or even turn them into full-fledged electronic instruments. Jutta Troch, B.O.X harpist, came over as well. She’s up first. Nicolas, with a broken finger, samples his upright bass, as it’s now evident he will step up instead of Nathan Wouters. Jon samples cornetto and cornet. And the Glows are having great fun with a couple of experimental vocal takes. All the samples are sent to Valgeirs Greenhouse studio in Reykjavik, where they will be processed later. Everybody, including Valgeir, is curious to see what comes up.

In the evening we have dinner with Valgeir, who is seriously ill by now, aptly, at a Japanese restaurant. We discuss the practicalities of our collaboration, timings and instrumentation. Valgeir will act as musical director, as he came in later in the process, he’s the one person who can take a step back and oversee the whole.