Journal, Stage Design

Let’s Talk about Light and Stage Design

Meeting about stage design and lightning with Lucas, Pieter and Nel. At this point, it’s quite unclear whether we’re going for a hybrid of video and analogue projection techniques. Only video or only analogue.

Lucas has come up with a valuable idea to use water as a mirror surface to project on. The idea is still rough and basic, but it’s intriguing and workable. We’d have two balcony rows 240 people facing each other, divided by an undeep pool of a watermirror. Projection screens on both sides, provides a large private space for the musicians. A top camera films the musicians and all the events happening on the water. It’s a concept that multiplies the possibilities of projection and lighting. The idea is expensive though and not very well suited to take on the road. New questions emerge: should we come up with an alternative for smaller venues? Or do we invest in a one off experience. On the upside: the crowd doubles as well. On two nights in DeSingel, we’d reach 800 people, instead of 400.