Journal, Recording

Setting up a Recording Session

We’re reaching out to DeSingel for a recording session. As a starting point of the whole process, we’re recording A Folksongbook in the form we have been playing it for quite a few years now but, astonishingly, never laid down in a real session. The original 2007 EP didn’t feature B.O.X members, so this would be a nice time to do it. The material aged beautifully. And it’s a good start for the next process, leaving the past behind.

In an ideal world, Valgeir could come over to record and sample us, making himself familiar with our sound world. Staf Verbeeck, who recorded our legendary Prison Songs live concert at AB in 2009, is in sight too.

Planning a recording session at such a short notice, brings it own set of problems. A live performance concert might not be the best place for a studio live recording. And bringing together six musicians, some of them teachers in the end terms of their schools, a sound engineer and all the technical equipment at the end of a very busy concert season, is challenging. We puzzle together data and recording rooms over more than 20 emails.

We’re shooting for two recording days, three would be ideal. And we think up a plan to finance one of these days with a live concert at the venue.

Today, we receive an email of a visual artist we had in mind for the show, Joanie Lemercier cannot get on board. So far, no one else in sight for the digital projection.