Journal, Musicians

Musician line-up. Part two.

The six B.O.X players are a nice sight to behold, but we need to consider a couple of things; ideally we have another wind instrument, a cornetto, to harmonize with the first. That’s a lot more fun to play for the first player, Jon Bridsong, who has been with us for many years, but opens up a lot more harmonic possibilities and textures for the two instruments. So, the final count for B.O.X is seven.

On the side of the Glows, we have the band, with Bram on guitar and vocals, Nel and Katleen on vocals. But they can take up other functions as well. Nel is a fine piano player, she can play an electrical piano. Bram and Katleen play drums and percussion as well.

The Glows want to include a couple of their characteristic musical colors, as a contrast to the baroque sound. We look for warm tones, mindful of the low end, because that’s where the glue is, so the magic can happen. Nathan Wouters on stand up bass enters the picture. A beautiful counterweight to the baroque tones can be found in a lapsteel, contrasted with electric guitar. Geert Hellings, who helped us out with A Prison Songbook, naturally comes to mind.

That brings the score to twelve musicians. Valgeir Sigurddson is the invaluable number 13, he will manipulate our sounds electronically and comes up with soundscapes and additional compositions. We’re touching base with him later this week.