Journal, Musicians

Musician line-up. Part one.

Meeting with Nel, Pieter and Bram to discuss the musician’s line-up, from B.O.X’s side as well as the Glows.

First item, the incompatibility of two players. An international name finds himself incompatible with a member of the B.O.X ensemble. There are no hard feelings, on neither side. The musicians are also friendly with one another, it’s just that they don’t seem to click musically. We face a dilemma. Should we go for an international name that can bring the whole ensemble to the next level? Or should we stick with one of the core members who helped write our mutual stories? Or do we find a compromise? Ultimately, B.O.X has the final say on its players and a compromise might be in reach, if one of them is willing to switch to another instrument within their abilities.

Second point is the hybrid line up. Like we said before, the idea is to blend the old with the new. We set a great example with A Folksongbook, how can we match this? On the B.O.X side of things, we go for six players: Pieter Theuns on teorbo (picking), Jutta Troch on harp (picking), Mathijs Vanderleen on drums (percussion), Jon Birdsong on cornet (wind), Liam on viola da Gamba (string), Pieter Vandeveirde on Liyone (string).