Journal, The Story

A Theme, at last..

Further research on content. We all feel there are interesting subjects on the table (folk music and folklore, baroque instrumentation, fantasmagoria, projection) but we lack a unifying element to tie them all together. At least, lyrically. Which contributes in large part to the show. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking. Early March we need to hand over a concept note to DeSingel, our coproducer and host. We all need to be on the same page.

We dive into ghost literature and come across Ugetsu Monogatari or Tales of Moonlight and Rain. A collection of 18th Century traditional Japanese ghost stories. The nine stories are based on supernatural tales from the Ming Dynasty, now set in historical Japan. Each stories revolves around a supernatural element. Theme, content and time period are in line with the earlier elements: A Folksongbook, Robertson and fantasmagoria, B.O.X.

String these all together, you get a contemporary ghost show, lyrically based on the Japanese ghost tales, with three voices, a guitar and a baroque orchestration, electronically manipulated by a producer, Valgeir. Wow.