The Beginning

1024px-Mémoires_récréatifs,_scientifiques_et_anecdotiques_du_physicien-aéronaute_E.G._Robertson_(vol._1_frontispiece)Established the first concept in a rudimentarily drafted text.

The Golden Glows and B.O.X agree to create a joint show in 2017, based on the long experience we had playing A Folksongbook. We’d like to be a bit more ambitious with this new project and go beyond the pure concert form. Ideally, we’re creating a visual equivalent of the music. How this is going to be spelled out exactly, is not really clear yet, but it would be a great occasion to get back to our old idea of using Magic Lanterns on stage. I read into the history of the late 18th Century Phantasmagoria, discovered by the Belgian scientist/artist/entertainer Etienne-Gaspard Robert aka Robertson.